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Lilitofu is a travel app where users can create a story of a trip, discover places to travel to, and share travel stories. These trips help inspire others to go out there to explore as well. 


We want to understand how people capture travel memories, share those memories, and where they look for inspiration when planning a trip.

With the early versions of the app, there is no data on how the user experience is. 


I led the strategy development and execution of the UX research. This research is essential in assisting in better targeting of the current and potential user bases and to guide the design and business strategy of the app.

My Role

The app was in its beta stage at the time I worked on this research. I worked to derive insights from both design and usability perspectives.


Voice Memo
MURAL (Affinity Mapping tool)
User Interviews
Usability Testing
Synthesizing Data


User Interview Recordings
Usability Testing Videos
Notes of User Interviews + Usability Testing
Affinity Map

Research Strategy


We believe that travelers look at other people's posts for travel inspiration so if we allow them to see a feed of stories (trips) that people have gone on, then we will see the user save inspirational photos or bookmark the whole story with the itinerary to view later. They will also want to post their own travel stories for others to see.

Research Methods

User Interviews
Usability Testing

User Interviews

We want to learn more about traveler's habits

Learn how people capture travel memories
Discover how memories are shared with friends and family
Understand their process of planning a trip

Usability Testing

Learn how users interact with the app and its features


Goal: To successfully have the user navigate within the app to browse their feed's stories, to navigate easily in someone else's story, bookmark a story, save a photo from a story, preview the story's itinerary, create a new story, and to easily find their bookmarked stories and saved photos.

Methodology: The usability test consisted of five users and there was a set of tasks for the users to follow.

Affinity Mapping

User Interviews

I separated out different categories of insights and within those insights, I found more specific categories. Here is one section of the user interviews affinity map.


Usability Testing

I found various usability issues in each app feature and more in-depth thoughts on those in the smaller categories. Here is an example of one section of the usability testing affinity map.


User Interviews

People tend to capture memories by taking photos, videos, and/or writing about it.

These memories are usually shared on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Snapchat.

People are inspired to go on a trip based on information through word of mouth. Some others like to go on Google to search destinations, see places that others go to on Instagram, and TripAdvisor and Yelp for reviews on destinations.

The decision to go somewhere depends on People’s budget, the weather, and timing of whether attractions are open at certain times. It's also important that the destination has a lot to see so that the traveler would be efficiently using their time there.


There is usually a lot of researching of what there is to do at a destination. It's important to find food places near or at the destination. Transportation is something to figure out before a trip since people don't tend to have cars. People also plan who is paying for things, currency exchanges, and things to pack. Google Docs and Google Sheets are good for planning trips.


Usability Testing


1) Include onboarding tour
2) Locations need to be destinations, not addresses
3) Bookmarking Story and Saving Photo buttons need better icons and design to stand out more
 4) Make day numbers more noticeable and have users understand that it's different days of a trip
5) The Index needs to be relocated or have design that helps it stand out
6) Photos need to be better separated in story so that users know which written location correlates to which photo
7) Allow users to come back later to include locations of photos of their story
8) Have the Bookmarked Stories and Saved Photos in the profile area stand out more
9) Under a user's own stories in their profile, it's important to include the location so they can easily scan through stories to find a specific story
10) Fonts need to be bigger for readability